Three New Interns ‘Falling’ Your Way

Meet the new interns: Jessica – Graphic Design Ryan – Video Production Gabrielle – Marketing We have 12 very important questions to ask these new individuals, ranging from the mundane to the necessary and nerdy. Let’s get started! What are you majoring/minoring in? Jessica – Graphic Design, no minors Ryan – Digital Media and a Communications minor Gabrielle – American History with Art and Creative Writing minors respectively Where are you going to school? Jessica – Daemon College Ryan – Canisius College Gabrielle – SUNY Oswego (Graduated) Where do you hope to be in ten years? Jessica hopes to be in a career she enjoys while living in a nice area. Ryan would like to be running his own video production business or freelancing. Gabrielle would like to be running her own business (business to be determined). What is your biggest fear for the future? Jessica doesn’t want to be stuck in a job that makes her unhappy. Ryan is concerned he might get a job that doesn’t let him do the video work he really loves. Gabrielle is worried about being jobless or in a job she dislikes. On a happier note let’s move on to some fun and geeky questions![.]( What is your favorite book of all time? Jessica – The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling Ryan – The Green Mile by Stephen King Gabrielle – Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls What is your secret skill? Jessica – finding the best deals while shopping Ryan – being able to pick up any new skill with ease Gabrielle – picking out the most desired/needed item for a gift What is your favorite thing to do outside? Jessica – hanging out by the beach Ryan – hiking in places like Glen Park Gabrielle – rollerblading What is the coolest place you’ve been in the world? Jessica was born in the Ivory Coast so it’s automatically the best. Ryan took a trip to Italy and loved it. Gabrielle went to the Grand Canyon and didn’t fall off so it was great. What is your Hogwarts’ House? Jessica – Gryffindor Ryan – Slytherin Gabrielle – Slytherin What would you do with a million dollars? Jessica would definitely go shopping. She’d love to hit Sephora and shop online without ever having to drop. Ryan would love to travel and when he got back from his trip he’d pay off all the college loans waiting for him. Gabrielle would pay off her college loans and with the modest leftovers go to Disney World. If there were a red button in the center of the room with a sign that says, ‘do not press’ would you press it anyway? Jessica – Nope Ryan – Yes Gabrielle – No Are you a dog or a cat person? Jessica loves both, but would choose dogs over cats. Ryan is definitely a dog person. Gabrielle owns both, but loves dogs more. The kitties take a vicious plunge next to Cold Shoulder Mountain and Washed-Up Harbor. It’s okay though I’m sure future interns will continue the battle. For now those are our three awesome Fall Interns and I can’t wait to see what else they do this season![!](