Interns Perspectives: Spring 2021


I started my internship search for the Spring semester in January. I knew I was looking for either a marketing or public relations internship, and early on in my search, I stumbled upon SunSpin Media! I’ve been an intern at SunSpin for about two months now, and I’ve decided to reflect on how my expectations of the internship compare to my recent experiences.

When I accepted the position, I knew what types of tasks I would be assigned, but I wasn’t entirely sure what my tasks would consist of. I knew I would be focusing on social media, and I’d be writing blogs and articles; however, I purposely didn’t commit to an idea of my daily tasks because I wanted to keep an open mind. I’m always open to learning and trying new things.

As for what it would be like to work at SunSpin Media, I feel like I had a pretty good idea of what that would be like upfront. During the interview process, the environment was relaxed and friendly, and that was a proper representation of what it’s like to be on the team at SunSpin. The environment inspires collaboration and cultivates creativity while remaining productive and task orientated.

At SunSpin Media, I’ve always been given the space, resources, and support to be creative. The mix of the structure and creative leeway I’m provided with my assignments encourages me to explore and ask questions. For example, when I’m given a writing task, I know what the article’s topic should be, but I have the freedom to take that topic and run with it.

Whenever I need help or guidance, I know there’s a wonderful team of individuals willing to offer feedback and constructive criticism that helps me grow as a professional and develop my skills. I’ve learned so much about marketing and social media strategies, and I’m looking forward to the remaining weeks I have at SunSpin.


With almost everything going remote, I applied for many internships feeling uncertain about how much I would gain from the experience. On the one hand, I thought that working an internship from home would be beneficial because it would be easier to manage my work along with school and my other job. On the other hand, I was worried that I would take less out of it and not learn as much.

Fortunately, I pursued the opportunity to learn, regardless of whether it would be better or worse during a pandemic. I am glad I did.

SunSpin Media was at the top of my list of internships that I applied for. I learned that marketing is adaptable. Whether I am in the office or at home, marketing is about creativity and the ability to tell a good story. My supervisors at SunSpin Media have adapted their tasks for me to implement my work in the office or from home. 

I am so appreciative of the experience I have been able to gain working at SunSpin Media. Through social media engagement, research assignments, presentations, and writing blogs and articles, I have developed new professional strategies and techniques. I also have come up with new ideas for our website, clients, and social media, among other things. I have been able to emerge myself in the marketing industry and find my strengths. I have enjoyed writing blogs and articles more than I imagined I would, and I feel that this internship has provided me with a platform to utilize my creativity. 

SunSpin Media is filled with remarkable personalities who are genuinely a pleasure to work with. Everyone in the office has such impressive creative ability and communication skills. I am very pleased with my experience, and as things slowly go back to normal, I am looking forward to continuing my work here until the end of the semester.


I can honestly say that the days on which I intern are my favorite days of the week. Interning at SunSpin Media has been nothing but a positive experience so far. Because this internship is remote, I knew going into it that it might be slightly different than if it were in person. Luckily, as a graphic designer, a remote internship functions really well. Even though we are not in the office, we are still able to collaborate and bounce ideas off one another. Everyone on the team is really kind and helpful which makes the remote aspect function smoothly- communication is key! In terms of what I do for SunSpin Media, I worked on a lot of content for SSM and HWHS’ Instagram accounts, in addition to signage and promotional branding projects. My favorite projects I worked on are those where I could incorporate illustration. Each week brought new creative opportunities and I loved being a part of that process.


Being an intern at SunSpin Media has been an amazing learning experience. Over the past few months, I’ve learned so many things about working as a graphic designer in a business setting and have had the added benefit of working with the awesome people here. Melissa and Katy have both helped me grow and learn how to properly bring graphic design into the world.

The team has helped me feel more confident in my designing and creative abilities. SunSpin has been a great resource in teaching me more about the design world and they’ve helped me refine what I came in knowing as well. The time I’ve spent working at here will truly help me moving forward.


My time at SunSpin Media was spent amongst like-minded individuals. I didn’t believe that going in I would get the experience that I did, especially for something that I felt was essentially mandated. Anything at the hands of a university that counts for a grade, will always feel mandated. Of course the colleagues at SunSpin Media did nothing short of make me feel like home.

Being given the tasks assigned, I began to appreciate the training and patience. As some things such as graphics, came harder than others. Given writing, editing, and photography responsibilities, I had high hopes for creation, but had no expectation to learn a new skill. My time at sun spin was spent well, productively and amongst those who only wanted to see me become better.